Ramble young man ramble

Ramble young man ramble

There comes a time to face defeat, a time that is hard to bare and hard to come to terms with, well actually no there doesn’t come a time to admit defeat or face it.

Living your dream isn’t like going to battle, I know it may feel like it sometimes but quitting on your dream is just stupid, I know I have done a lot in my life, I am sure you have too but when you find something that you have to know everything about and it completely consumes you then that is what you should do with your life.

Apparently nowadays we need a job to be able to afford stuff that are actually free in nature, you know stuff like food, water and materials, who knew. So if we need a job to buy this stuff, a job that you are going to work for most of your life and be at for a large portion of your day then you might as well make it a good one right? I mean what’s stopping you?

What is stopping you living your dream? Experience, money or fear? Experience can be gained by doing what you love in your spare time for free, you can save money if you don’t buy stuff you don’t need and fear of what? Being happy?


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