The Creature Lurks

In the depths of our minds there is a creature, this creature holds the key to our hearts but not in the way a loved one who will protect you and keep your tears at bay does but instead they hold the key to unlock a hell on to us that even the toughest human can’t withstand. _DSC0410
This hell is fear, irrational or rational it’s all the same to this creature they want to feel the fear leaking out of our hearts and into our mind, soul and every other part of our bodies until we shake with fright and beg for light to show us there is nothing in our room or there is nothing behind us that can do us harm.
This creature doesn’t just pray on the weak and ill it prays on every single human being and can only be beaten by facing fear head on, be afraid but be ready, this creature will come again and again, on that dark road you have to walk down every winter night on the way home from work or when your home alone the creature will be there with you waiting for that strange noise or that wind in the trees, it will pounce and send that shiver down your spine and make you beg to know what is standing behind you but you know in the depths of your soul if you turn around that surely will be the end.
Fear being self-imposed you can slay this creature but for how long? How long until you’re walking down that dimly lit street and feel the cold wind on the back of neck and that fear returns? How long do you have until that creature returns feeding off your fear to make itself stronger and more powerful and unstoppable and so uncontrollable you will never walk that road or be alone in your house in fear of this creature? Good luck, the creature lurks, are you ready?


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