Do you fear pain?

Do you fear pain? Why, what’s the point? It’s going to happen whether you fear it or not so why go through life fearing something that is going happen? When it comes you just have to accept it and move on, learn from it if it’s emotional and wait for the physical to pass, because it will.
Pain is an invention of your brain so really it isn’t real, just think about that pain you get after you experience pins and needles, when your leg is waking up, the brain doesn’t know what’s happening so it invents pain because it feels it should.
Before aesthetic hypnosis was used in lots of operations similarly if you are allergic to aesthetic they will use Valium which turns off the pain receptors in the brain, so if they can just turn it off with drugs and hypnosis is it really there? When you turn off a light you aren’t just blocking the light you are breaking the circuit and so in many ways that’s what the drugs and hypnosis are doing, breaking the circuit.
Why fear something you have no control over? You fearing it will not stop you falling down the stairs, it may make you unconsciously more careful but you can still get hit by car or be in a car accident, life’s to short.
Why then do we fear anything? Fear is also created by the brain, on the African plan is was, at one time conceivable that you might get eaten by a lion, before we killed a lot of them, and so African tribes would need to stay alert to this fact. They didn’t need to fear it as it would either happen or it wouldn’t and if they spent all there time fearing it they wouldn’t have been prepared for it when happened.
I guess that fearing pain then is a complete waste of time and energy as both pain and fear and the fear of pain are all factious, just thoughts manifested that’s all.


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