I’m not an atheist

I’m not an atheist

I’m not an atheist but I don’t believe in a god either, I know this sentence automatically starts an argument in a lot of the world so before the argument starts let me explain, this is just my opinion and I am writing it down to understand it better myself not cause an argument.
The reason I am not an atheist is because I do not want to considered involved in the argument of whether god exists or not, I have made up my own mind in my way, I don’t want to try and change the world with my own opinion as my opinion is 1 of 7 billion.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you believe in ghosts or god or gods then I respect that opinion and I will not start any argument with you. The only people I have a problem with is these conspiracy theorist as in my opinion these are just simply people who are trying to find reasons why we are here but they don’t believe in religion but they must believe in something.
My reason to stay out of this argument and why I don’t considered myself an atheist is because I would rather live side by side with everyone in this world and get along, if atheists believe there isn’t anything after this life then why spend this life in a heated debate?
The only time I speak up about my thoughts and opinion is when someone is trying to throw theirs down my neck, my opinion is mine and if you don’t like it then I am afraid that you really have no say in it, as a kid I went to church and quickly made up my own mind about it and so did you.
I hope one day we can live in a world where we can just simply agree to disagree, yet live side by side and laugh together as a community, this is not some hippie bullshit trip but my opinion is that life is too short to considered everyone else’s opinion as wrong and make it your life’s work to change it. Opinions are opinions and everyone is allowed to have them, it doesn’t mean that everyone else wants to hear yours.
Said the man voicing his opinion!


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