Find your passion and let it give birth to you.

I have tried many things in my life, I think we are all in search of something that can capture our mind, body and soul, something that feels right from the moment we learn about it and from every moment on, the more we find out about that thing the more we fall in love with it. Something that doesn’t push you to be the best but with hard work you can be, something that if you are having fun then that is enough and always be.

If it feels right then you will do it forever, you will let it consume you, every waking hour will be spent with it in the back of your mind and it will in the forefront of every dream. Nothing will stand in your way of doing it.

For me this have been skateboarding, even since I can remember my soul has been a part of skateboarding, no matter what I am doing my brain is always thinking about a trick to try at a spot or a trick to learn at another one.

When I was in English class at school there was a 4 set outside the class room window, I would stare at that out of the window constantly, becoming consumed with the idea of Olliing it in the beginning and then over the years what tricks I could try down it forming a list in my head because my book was filled with ideas that I didn’t care about right then.

This of course had a detrimental effect on my schooling but a massive impact on my brain, creating a habit that sticks with me today however over time you learn to use this way of becoming consumed by something to learn other skills.

Now I am writer I sometimes think that if I had just paid attention in that class I might be a better writer, but then if I had of paid attention in that class would I even be a writer now? After all skateboarding allowed me the freedom to be who I am and create things out of nothing, it allowed me to view the landscape of the world in a completely different way than any normal person, it allowed me the freedom to feel that creativity is the most important thing that anyone can have in the world.

Skateboarding has taught me how to work hard to achieve anything I want and not care what anyone has to say, their opinion does not make any difference to my life as by the time they have said what they have to say I have skated passed on my way to the next spot.


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