Words on a screen

Words on a screen.
That’s all life has become
Words on a screen to resemble fun
Photos of food, a status feud.
A relationship change is all the news
And yet no speech was used
Just words on a screen

The attention seekers
And the over eaters
The constantly boring
The constantly pretending to be soaring

The ones who just bought the best dress
But take a photo of their breasts instead just to impress
The LOLs, the ones who can’t spell
Just words on screen

The photos that have been in the shop so long they are gathering dust
Yet they are news for the ones who brains are made out of sawdust
The whole world at our finger tips and yet we decide to look at the latest celebrity nip slips.

‘omg that is soooo me’
Yep don’t you see
that’s the idea
I thought that was clear.
Hell it’s enough to make you weep
These sheep pretending not to be sheep

Baa baa the bell tolls
For the internet and all it’s trolls
After all, words on a screen are just words on a screen


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