A poem from the past

It hit me hard last night 

A passion I continue to fight 

Off on my travels before my life unravels 

My job, my money everything that’s unfunny 

Nothing seems to be giving me any drive 

Nothing is making me feel alive 

Out on the road I must venture 

Before people start looking at me even stranger 


2 thoughts on “A poem from the past

  1. I find myself thinking a lot what do I want and how will I be able to obtain it. in this poem I feel the correlation to my thoughts of contemplation. It almost makes me think of reckless abandon…doing any and everything just to like you said, ‘feel alive’. Very nice though, its almost sad though how we depend on other things in life to make us happy. When will enough ever be enough? Sorry for rambling on this comment. You’re poem is wonderful, it spoke volumes to me. I liked it a lot Scott!

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    1. Hey thank you very much, I feel or have felt the same in the past, I feel now that the most simple things in life feel the best and make you feel alive, walking in nature, helping others, not with money but with skills that you may have but they don’t thats the best way to feel alive and also going against the grain, a lot of people don’t go against the grain in fear of judgement but if you are going against the grain then you have no time to listen to judgement as you are too busy doing the things you want to do. I really appreciate your comment and I am glad you enjoyed my poem enough to comment on it cheers!!


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