Real men and women

There are lot of opinions floating around the internet and social media about what real men and women should look like and I thought, fuck it might as well throw mine into the ring.

These opinions are that real men should be chubby and real women should have curves and the opposite, that real men are buff and real women are fit, this seems very odd to me. Two different opinions for both sexes and yet i would say that real men and woman couldn’t give a flying fuck about your opinions.

If they want to be fit or fat then they will be and when someone sitting looking a phone screen feeling disconnected from the human race comments on their photo they will be pay no attention.

They don’t care if your opinion is negative or positive because they don’t give a fuck. Really, people do not get fit or fat to fit in or out they do it because they want to and no one has spent their life thinking about your opinion as much as you have.

Real men and real women come in all shapes and sizes and do not give a fuck what you think about that shape or size.


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