I don’t fear death, I am sitting here wondering why and it suddenly dawned on me that I don’t fear death because I’ve never come close to living let alone dying! I’ve never been in a true life or death situation, I’ve been in situations which I thought were life and death for my placid life to continue the way it is but I’ve never been in a situation in any way that I might just not make it out, I’ve never had a deadly illness never been on a flight with bad turbulence, nothing at all! So how can you fear something you haven’t even been close to?

I have a fear of geese due to one biting my knee when I was a child. This is an irrational fear I know but the reason behind it is I feel at least is justified. I respect every single person that has ever fought a deadly disease such as cancer or has been in serious car crash and on life support or had their limbs blown off in pointless wars, I respect them! I respect them because they now know the true value of life and live more now than they did before because they fear the idea of death before really living.

Is this the only way to really live life? Get to the edge and survive so you can learn to be grateful for what you had all along? Do we have to die before we can live? Some extreme sports stars have said “I’m not looking to waste my life” they aren’t though they are the people pushing the limits of what the human body can go through. So do we have to live on the edge to be alive or can we just wake up with the sun? Be grateful for everything and everyone we have? Help others be grateful of what they have? Help others, not because it’s cool or in fashion, because it’s the right thing to do! You don’t need a photo of you handing a coffee to a homeless man to prove to yourself that you’ve done it! Just do it!

I am going to make a conscious effort to live my life more and I am not going to waste my life with silly things like boredom anymore.


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