Skateboarding like your life depends on it

Everything you need to know about life can be learnt from skateboarding, you won’t even be aware you are learning anything until you are a lot older, wiser and in a lot more pain the day after you skate. On those sore days you begin to think about what made you start skating in the first place and what kept you on the board all these years.

These things differ from person to person but the things that you can take from skateboarding are the same for everyone. When you are trying a new trick it may take a few hours or a few days but why don’t you quit? What inside you keeps you going? It goes way beyond impressing someone or being the only person in your crew who can do that trick. It is an underlying frame of mind that nothing else but rolling away from that trick matters. That feeling is all consuming. Then comes that feeling of being in the air knowing you have it and rolling away, the pain subsides with the adrenaline and in that moment you achieve something you never thought was possible…

Head over to Discipline Skateboards to read the rest…


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