Freedom of Speech

I wrote a blog post earlier and now I am going to bin it and write another one as I feel it may well rub people up the wrong way and offend some people, not that it was supposed to. I guess that’s life though, there’s a lot of talk about freedom of speech at the moment and if we really have it and no of course we don’t, if we did everyone would fucking hate each other and think everyone was mental.

The government is not the filter which tells you what you should or shouldn’t say, your brain is, your brain is the filter telling you that if you say that thing you just thought about even your best mate will look at you like at any moment you might take a rusty knife out your pocket cut your hair off and form a heart on the ground with it.

Ever notice that people who say they don’t have a filter get punched a lot? Or stuff thrown at them or locked in a fucking mental home? We all have filters it’s just that some of us choose to ignore them and then they wonder why the world think they are cunts.

We all have freedom of speech but please make good use of the filter, don’t leave it up to the government to ban topics because some people can’t be trusted with them.


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