World Book Day

There should not be a day for books, there should only be books every day, some of the younger generation, I’m sure are very much into reading and the anger below is not directed at you, you can go and read a wonderful adventure about someone far less cynical than me. I will keep this short; I feel I may have already lost some people.

For this generation it will be a picture book that is celebrated the most, quite possibly about cats or selfies or selfies with cats. I doubt Shakespeare will get much of look in this year.

A selfie in his day took hours maybe even days and that’s too much concentration for us nowadays. Writing about self-expression is too long to read, those writers should just simply take a photo of their expression, perhaps a series of photos and then make them into a list and put it on Facebook and hope it goes viral.

The only thing people read nowadays is hateful comments upon their videos on YouTube telling them they are shit at the activity they have worked hard to be good at. If this is how you live it’s no wonder you don’t like to read.


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