Kids are better than adults

The reason kids are better than adults.

Now we are adults we cannot do the things we want any more that’s just a fact of life, things get in the way, earning money, raising families and many other things. But it goes deeper than that, a lot deeper.

The things we can’t do are not just as simple as not going to work and watching Netflix all day but other things that would go outside social conventions such as sitting in a shopping trolley getting wheeled round, we can’t do that anymore, imagine the look on the other shoppers faces when a man in his thirties is getting pushed around by his wife in a shopping trolley!

There are of course a lot of other things we can’t do anymore because of social conventions, you know those thoughts you have, the thoughts that if you ever acted on them you’d either go to prison or be a social outcast? Kids don’t have this filter they will act on those thoughts and because their brains are innocent they aren’t as dark as our thoughts, I once kicked my dad in the balls in a supermarket, I was in the trolley swinging my legs and had a thought and followed through with it, in more ways than one, if I did that now the view of the other shoppers would be that I had just kicked an older man in the balls and run away laughing and my brain will not allow me to do it, yet as kid it did allow me to.

As we get older we realise that we must conserve the lives we have built ourselves by following these unwritten rules and I feel sorry for us, I am not saying we should all go out and start living like kids again I’m just saying it was a lot more fun to have a thought and act on it rather than blocking it out and continuing on with the shopping.


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