The Super Bowl

The roar of the crowd at the spectacle placed in front of them makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Super bowl fever struck a nation yesterday, the Seahawks and the Patriots ready to go down in history and the fans are ready to watch history happen.

America knows how to make things big, the super bowl looked like a block buster movie, it had action, surprise and lots of talking most people had no interest in, it had the mid movie fight scene with explosions, dancing and a singer on a star and then the final battle scene where everything was on the line and at the very last moment the underdog shot themselves in the foot and with heads hung low got defeated.

The adrenaline the players must feel when they step out on to that field in front of 100 million people to play the game they love and possibly make history must be the most indescribable feeling anyone can feel.

This game will change their lives either they will win or they will lose but their lives won’t be the same after it. Where do you go once you get to the top? Some people start again and get back there. Others never make it back to that height.

It’s not easy to get to the top, we all know that, but it must be harder to get back to the top once you have already climbed the mountain once.

All we have to do is try, work really hard and dedicate our lives to making ourselves better every single day, some give up, some loose interest and for some life gets in the way. Some of the guys who didn’t give up played in the super bowl yesterday, some realised their dream, some didn’t quite reach the summit of the mountain maybe they will next time.


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