A cognitive Monday morning conversation

Monday feeling coming in thick and fast, maybe I’m ill, I feel ill, temperate isn’t high but that might mean I have some new disease that isn’t even known yet, maybe I should go to the doctors but then they are always so busy on Mondays and I might catch something, well then maybe I should stay home and watch Netflix all day, I’m sure that will make me feel better.

Guess I should go in, why did I agree to that meeting first thing this morning with all those people I fucking hate? Ah and I didn’t make my lunch last night, don’t even know if I have any bread, maybe I should take the day off and go shopping then watch Netflix, the train will probably be delayed anyway.

Maybe it won’t be that bad, maybe the meeting will actually be productive this time rather than one guy talking about his weekend like we all care and that woman who secretly hates her kids because they have ruined her life talking about how proud of them they are because they got a gold star on their badge at that fast food restaurant that made her arse look the way it looks.

Fuck it train isn’t late guess I should go in, the train kids will be loud as usual and everyone will pretend to not notice. Bagel women will just stare at her phone and music man will just turn that rock music up to 11 and look out the window and I’ll sit trying to read my book, while always remembering the mile I have to walk when I get off this over packed, cold and 2 minute late train. It’s always 2 minutes late just change the time and it will always be on time.


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