Heroic Rebels

I find myself drawn to rebels, my heroes are thought to be rebels, the ‘sport’ I love is considered rebellious, even my friends could be given the title rebels.

Let me give you my idea of what it is to be a rebel. To me, rebels disobey the norm; go against the grain, not to make a change or difference to the world but to make a difference to themselves. In doing so, some of my heroes have changed the world for me and countless others.

Idols appear heroic because they have done something you admire, I admire those who are rebellious and push life’s boundaries and live their lives the way they want to. This isn’t to say living a lawless life is what makes a rebel, it could be as simple as rebelling against parents or teachers or even yourself, the picture you have in your mind of your self is undesirable, so your subconscious decides enough is enough and changes your usual habits into rebellious actions.

Now I want to ask you, who are your heroes and why do you give them that title? What have they done that you believe to be heroic? What have they changed in the world for the better? If you can justify these questions with brilliant answers then they truly are heroes and should be named as such!

If, however, you struggle with this question, possibly because your hero isn’t who you thought they were, maybe they don’t write their own songs, or can’t sing them without the aid of auto tune and maybe they didn’t invent spray tan or didn’t write the books they said they had or have let you down again by turning up late to their own show. If that is the case, then these people do not deserve the title hero. Maybe it’s time that we saved that word for people that do?


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