We are the creative community

We are the creative community, we are running mutiny on the internet; we are the ones the internet was made for. We have decided to not let big companies destroy our creativity and ruin our passions. We have decided instead to work for ourselves and take what big companies think is a waste of time and use it to our advantage.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools ever invented for small businesses, it’s free and you can reach the world, with hard work and our creativity we are changing the world we live in by making our lives run the way we want.

We add colour to world of social media and find likeminded people to do business with, we are the creative community.

We don’t need 3 years of experience for this job and a degree in something that no one has ever heard of, just hard work, passion and creativity.

The world is changing, and more and more people find a way to make money doing what they want to do. There is no greed in this community just people helping each other out, we are now slowly getting a community feeling again, only this will soon consume the world instead of just the street we live on.

We are the creative community, running mutiny on the internet.


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