Training for the train run

Why is it when we run for trains we look so stupid? I thought of this idea believe it or not while running for a train, bag on my back looking like a school boy late for class only problem is that I am 25.

What is it about this image that makes us all look stupid? What is it in that run, the spontaneity of it, or just the bag that we all seem to have perched on our back at that moment?

I have seen this run many times as I use to get the train to work every day for 3 years and the worse one is of course the guy who doesn’t quite make it and then plays it off, this goes for buses as well. Men and women have a different way of acting about missing a bus or a train, men will pass it off like they were chasing pigeon’s in the park, we aren’t fooling anyone lads! Women get mad and you can see that madness on their faces then just wait impatiently for the next one, men make it look like they do care when we are ripping ourselves up inside.

Whilst on the subject of trains, ever fallen asleep on a train and then in a blind panic managed to jump off at your stop while the doors are beeping? Yea me too, extra points if you had a book and a bag to grab.

I don’t really know what else to say about it, maybe we are so concerned about the train that we are unaware about the stupidness of the run however if you have ever seen someone running for a train and you think they look stupid just remember you have looked like that as well.

Maybe there should be training for the train run, no stamina just straight line speed and acceleration.


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