Can one machine make a better one?

Can one machine make a better one? Of course this could be looked at as if every machine ever invented has led to the machines we have today which is true, but I want to focus on the idea I had on if a machine can make something more complex than itself.

Firstly if the making machine is valued then it must mean that the object it builds is valuable as well, but would the object be as valuable without the machine? And value and money doesn’t really belong in this argument, with myself, money is money and machines are worth money for what they do and the money they save the businesses paying skilled people to do the job, anyway that’s another rant for another day, a much longer one.

Can a machine make a machine far superior to its self? Is it capable? Now, back in the days of human power I would have said yes, until I just realised that a human brain thought of the idea in the first place and then cursed my human brain for not thinking of that sooner.

Do machines need to be more complicated than the machine it is building in order to build it?

I really think it has be, I may be wrong but if this is the case then the machines cannot evolve, cannot learn tasks without human programming and so if these stories of terminators come to be true one day they will still need some humans to programme them to kill the rest of us, nice thought huh? And of course to be able to evolve the ’species’ and build more complicated versions of themselves until they have the power of learning then of course we are all fucked.

Maybe we should all learn some programming sooner rather than later, I’ll be back.


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