Selfie Self Respect.

Selfie Self Respect.

Photoshop has been around in the photo studios awhile now, not everyone wants to see photoshopped images of ‘beautiful people’ to make more money because apparently ‘ugly people’ can’t sell makeup even though surely a before and after photo of said ‘ugly people’ would sell more than a photoshopped photo of ‘beautiful people’ wearing makeup?

If we can agree on that then perhaps we can agree that using it on social media is fucking insane? Surely social media is supposed to be more social than media? Meaning, a place to post embarrassing photos of friends, girlfriends and boyfriends and photos of what is happening in your life.

Or maybe the media part of it is more important, advertising yourself and your life in a way you want to be seen and the way you want it to seem, so perhaps photoshop should indeed be used. Or maybe it is so easy to hide behind photoshop nowadays that no one has the courage to be the real them but instead are happy to be a CG version of themselves?

This does not apply to everyone however, it does apply to many in ‘power’ and please think of the message you sending to kids, not everything can be fixed with a computer.

To the people who aren’t using it have some respect (fist bump your screen here) even if you have far too many photos of food on your profile. To those who are, don’t think of a selfie as a blank canvas think of it as nearly completed work of art choose your filter wisely and post your completed work of art and remember, some will like it, some will not but that’s true of all great works of art.


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