How To Be Free

How To Be Free

How can you live free in this world? Free from laws, restrictions and regulations? Become an outlaw? Live outside the law? But then are you really free from the law while constantly running from it? Surely if you’re constantly running from something you are indeed consumed by it and surely not living free from anything?

If we look at movies and TV the outlaws are always on the run and always looking over their shoulder waiting for the day of the final gun fight when they die and are finally free from the paranoia of the outlaw life.

So, how can you truly live free in this world? If it is not living outside the law then perhaps it is the complete opposite, living so far within the law that the law doesn’t bother you.

Sneaking under the radar your whole life, simply going through life undetected, of course, you will always have the constraints of the law hanging over you but if you don’t push up against them and bend and break them surely you are as close to free as you can be? However would you be free or happy?  Knowing you’re going to live an unfulfilled life, never to be remembered, never going against the gain and never thinking outside the box, a robot. No final gun fight, no blaze of glory, nothing. I can’t help but feel perhaps outlaws have a lot more fun, adventure and sex than the robots, which would in turn provide some sort of happiness through the haze of gun smoke.

So, I guess it’s a rough with the smooth kind of situation, the rough of the outlaw being the impending doom of the law catching up with you. The smooth being, the spoils of the life, the money, fast cars, big house and all the other things the movies promise the outlaws. The smooth of the robot being, the law not being able to touch you because it has no reason to. The rough being, boredom and doing nothing of fucking value with your life.

Of course this is just a look at these situations on the face of them, let’s not forget the people who lived within the laws but thought like outlaws and simply went against the grains of life and ignored what everyone else took as fact and did something different and ultimately changed the world. Looking deeper there is more to life than freedom and happiness – or is there?


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