We don’t need religion anymore

I don’t believe religion is need anymore, religion i feel was used to discipline people all those years ago, to scare people into living the way the leaders wanted them to, to take money off the poor because if they didn’t give money they weren’t good people and keep order with a threat of place filled with fire and torture. We don’t need religion anymore because we have TV. These images of hell can be projected in our homes every hour of every day, images of war and war torn countries and the leaders that are ‘helping’ the people of these countries. It’s in the newspapers every day too, this fear inducing news that keeps us in check and makes us think we are lucky to live in a country that doesn’t suffer as badly. We don’t need religion anymore because the papers and social media do everything that religion used to do they portray our ‘heroes’ getting paid more than we could ever imagine for kicking a football or singing a song and this gives us the dreams of reaching that limit and then make a show like X factor to show us it’s possible and then turn the page if that paper or scroll down on Facebook or twitter and read the news of someone dying in a war horribly. We have a heaven and hell, hell is blood soaked pages and retweets and heaven is the idea that one day we will make it to that millionaire lifestyle. Religion isn’t needed anymore! I wonder what happened to atheists all those years ago and what happens to them now? They get blinded by the chance for fame and the risk of bloodshed and war. We don’t need religion anymore.

Please remember that I am not having a go at any religion here simply the people in power and the techniques they use to keep that power.


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