the fatality of normality

This notebook being the blank canvas it is I feel the urge to fill it with thoughts of the typical nature and some untypical but all honest and from this crazy head of mind. Sitting in my room as I so often do nowadays thinking about life and death and the in between I wonder if I will ever set out on any of these trips I have planned or instead look at these 4 walls until I grow the long grey beard of the bored old man (not the wise old man) and resent every young person for simply sitting on the street corner and wasting their life’s like I shouldn’t have done. Time will only tell my story if I get out of this room otherwise I will just be another person time forgot. The worse part about all of this wondering if I will make it to my dreams is that the only thing holding me back is the mind I so often use to escape the world and yet it wont let me escape normality.


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