When alone in the world, either by choice or chance, you can either let loneliness consume you or you can let it build you. the idea loneliest people in the world might well be the people with all their friends and family around them but they have a secret that they fear will destroy the life they have created if it were to see the light of day and so they sit in a room full of friends and family alone. Feeling alone because these people can’t feel or see their pain. So that’s where they sit until the secret drives them insane and no longer do they care what they think and speak out even though their mind tells them stop they stand on the stage of the living room carpet and notice the comfort of the shag-pile like they had never stood in this place alone to practise the speech they are to say and finally it comes out, ‘I’m gay, I’m coming out’ they say, the family turn off the TV in shock to see their loved one frozen to the spot by the door, “we know” they say finally glad to meet the daughter they’d wanted to meet all along “finally you don’t have to hide, we are proud of the courage you have found”. A look of relief comes over her face as they hug her on the spot she still can’t move from, tear a flying everyone crying, tears of joy.


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