my plans

I guess I’m not like any other 25 year old, I do things even I find a bit odd at times. My life isn’t the way I planned it to be when I was a kid I was sure when I was kid I was going to be a pro skateboarder and I didn’t even know what it meant to be a pro skateboarder but I wanted to it. Now I sit in my house all week looking at a computer screen hoping one of the jobs I applied to phones me I guess when you have a dream so big as a kid normal life just doesn’t cut it after that and you decide to hell with normality I’m going to live and that’s what I choose to do I quit my job to go travel, no plans where and no plans for the further. And then I just sat at home during the week and went out at the weekends skating and partying and soon all the money had gone for the trip and I ended up back at the same job I hated before printing photos of people living their dreams while I dreamed about mine.  


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