mistakes are not failures

I think I may have just figured my life out in a few easy moments of thought. The very idea of going through life never failing or making mistakes is a point thing to think about not only is no one perfect but if you dont make mistake what are you going to learn from? You cant learn from success as well as you can learn from mistake as success worked so there isn’t anything to learn. Mistakes theres plenty to learn, what went wrong, why it went wrong, how it went wrong, when it went wrong, how to stop going wrong again all these questions that when you find the answers to them you will have learnt from that mistake. Mistakes are the by product of life, you will not have success without mistakes but most importantly success in whatever field will pass you by if you do not learn from the mistakes made and build and grow yourself before you build and grow that company or that football team or even that flat pack wardrobe. Build yourself with learning from mistakes, mistakes are not failures mistakes are building blocks to success.


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