Excerpts from my mind

I write this with honesty and with a head full of those mad coffee thoughts which were promised to you but never came although if it’s all the same I’d like to give them to you now on this page which about a minute ago was a blank canvas waiting for a beautiful book or poem to be written upon it but instead it got the ramblings of a coffee high mad man who never wishes madness upon anyone but gets joy out of other people’s madness and the simple things people do which are normally taken for granted. Without these things every one is the same, no one is different we would become robots but with these things we see normality in a different light.

Madness belongs in the limelight for without madness we are no longer human we are a robotic nation destine to never live out our destiny.

This is just a ramble
On which I took a gamble
Hoping you wouldn’t flee
But instead say ‘Your crazy but that’s alright with me’

Without my crazy mind I would never have found myself and in this way I would never have found you so you see my craziness and yours is important. It’s vital. This is my mind on a page. A page destined for greatness but instead it got this.

Speaking like this hasn’t always been my way but this is the true and open me, a me that sometimes I take too seriously. But this is me, this is my coffee stained mind on a page, this Is the freedom of the butterfly stage of my life, the caterpillar part is over and I am now free to fly my brain like a flag on a pirate ship destine for sunnier clims.


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