New year

A years regret is all forgotten tonight for tonight is the being of the next regret. The clock counts down from ten to one everyone cheers and kisses the person they’ve wanted to all year or instead anyone who is near them at the time and so begins the new regret waking up in the morning of this new year to find a stranger in your bed you beg your mind for a name but your head is fuzzy from drink and can’t think. Rather than be rude you offer them a coffee hoping they leave before the kettles boiled, giving them hints ‘wow I’ve got so much to do today’ but instead they sit and they wait in the hope you ask them out on a proper date. The invitation doesn’t come you tell them last night was fun you says you’ll give them a ring later you see it in there eyes they think you mean it. Shower, shave out to breakfast with the lads who won’t let you forget about the first regret of this year. It’s only day one and there’s the first regret sat at the next table in the cafe looking over with bacon between her teeth and a cheesy smile. A year of regret forgotten due to last night having enough regret already to make last year look easy although not as easy as regret number one was! So here I sit outside the cafe smoking, waiting for my mates who are trying to squeeze juicy gossip out of regret number one, I have to go now I think I just saw regret number two walk into the bar across the street. Happy New Year everyone.


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