A conversation between a mad man

Time to start the Christmas cheer
With a jeer and sneer
Happy? No but I’ll pretend
Just like I pretend to be your friend the rest of the year
Another day of it won’t take a lot out of me
Wow what fucking glee
Well you invited me and ill end up under the tree
Everyone thinks I have a a drinking problem
But the beer at the top of the can doesn’t hold a candle to the bottom
Anyway once again you invite me to this
Well I didn’t think you would be like this, again
Can’t you just learn a lesson
Wait I have a confession!
O at last!
This talking to myself has become a bit of an obsession!
Well stop it then!
You saying that doesn’t help matters!
Because you’re me and I can deal with these chatters
Well you’re the reason we are in a padded cell over Christmas
Well you could at least smile!
And let them think we’ve lost it even more?
Yea me and you!
You’re an idiot
You’re me!
Ah fuck!
Merry Christmas!


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