The Peak (part two)

The reason for this trip is not only to climb this peak it is also due to two other unsuccessful trips to the district, that’s not to say that we didn’t make it but we didn’t feel fulfilled enough in our souls to completely tick this section of our lives off and due to babies being on their way to being born and other time constraints that only normal life can give you this trip is happening today at this time, now 2:44am.

After a slight delay over a forgotten wallet we filled the brand new car to the top and with a troubling service light on the dashboard illuminating the worried look on Darren’s face due to that very light we hit the road. The tension from the light is soon forgotten and in familiar surroundings we see the sun peak its head out from behind the very country we are travelling across and with childlike excitement we push forwards to our final destination with the only company on the road at night which is of course lorries, the only thing awake at night on the road are trucks and their glorious drivers roaring to their lonesome drop off points.

The night now gives way to the morning dew, the inky black now a majestic orange pink oil painting of morning that many painters have tried to replicate over the years but surely Mother Nature is the greatest artist of all? We now see a mixture of this artists work and manmade structures that normally would go unnoticed because of disinterest but today with the excitement of the children that are normally in the back seat sucking a boiled sweet to keep them quiet, we scream, shout, laugh and draw our sleepless eyes away from the road for a few moments to see scenes of breath taking beauty such as the smoking chimneys of some sort of power plant silhouetted against a sky of oil painted beauty. Life is good; this is exactly where we should be at this very moment.

Mother Nature smiles while we drive our miles.


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