Be you, everyone else is already taken

Be you, everyone else is already taken

Over the next few hundreds words you’re going to hear a rant about why ignorant people feel the need to try and spread their ignorant ideology around when the clever people among us can simply live and let live.

As a non-ignorant person nor, I would say, a particularly clever individual, I find I am in the middle between right and wrong and my beliefs are of course as everyone’s are, my own opinion, however, as is often the case over history when single minded, ignorant and uninformed people can spread the word quicker than ever before i.e. in books or now the internet the hate tends to start pile up and over on to the rest of us like a landfill of bigotry and injustice overflowing, with the distinct smell of sweet sweet ignorance seeping out from the rubbish.

For example I believe that we are all born equal and that to a certain degree what we go through during our childhoods shape us into the human beings we later become, that’s not to say that if you are raised by a gay couple you will become gay nor if you’re raised with religion you will be a devoted when you can finally think for yourself, it is to simply say that the way a child connects with their parents, it will have an effect on how that person turns one because that is most peoples first contact with another living being, and those parents will impress their ideals onto that child, whether or not that child takes those beliefs and runs with them or buries them and runs away is really up to that child and the other influences the child has.

Something that crafted my beliefs in that everyone is equal is skateboarding, due the fact that anyone from anywhere can do it and there are no social barriers in our creative world like there is in the ‘real’ world. When I was at school you were either a ‘Townie’ or a ‘Grebo’ and this depended on which music you listened to and this I think was a defining moment in my life because I got called both and also got told that I couldn’t listen to a certain artist because that was ‘Townie’ music and I was a ‘Grebo’, this fascinated me because in my mind I could listen to anything I wanted, any music ever invented was mine because I was lucky enough to be able to hear it and yet here is a social barrier telling people they can only listen to a certain type of music or dress a certain way or in extreme cases sexually feel a certain way otherwise they aren’t cool. Well I’m not cool then because I still listen to that artist to this day and I still dress the way I want to dress and feel the way I want to feel and surely as I’m not hurting anyone by doing this isn’t it good that I can express myself and be free to do this rather than live in fear of what is said about me?

If I could give young teens any advice it is this, trends and fads come and go and the fickle and ignorant among your year will yield to those trends and fashions and you will be considered a fashion outcast and ‘uncool’ if you don’t, but just remember that while these people are searching the internet for the next fashion craze they must have or the that new artist that makes you look ‘uncool’ because you’ve never heard of them, you will be out with your friends laughing and joking and not at their expensive because just remember as scared as you might have been to be different they are just as scared, if not more, of not being the same as everyone else. The most beautiful thing in the world is seeing your own potential and creativeness, running with it and stopping to help others see theirs, we are at our most beautiful and cool when we drop the act and become ourselves. You’re the only person than can be you, so be YOU!


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