The Peak (part one)

Part One

The feeling of asking yourself the question ‘do I have everything I will need?’ before going off on an adventure or a trip is a question filled with pure excitement, never knowing what the road or your adventures will hold only knowing you want to find out as soon as possible. The next feeling is of course ‘ah to hell with it if I need it I’ll buy it or make do’ is another beautiful thought when you feel that the adventure won’t wait any longer and now nothing will stop you from hitting that road.

As I write this I sit in my living room in the early hours, 2:30am exactly to be exact, smoking a cigarette and drinking a coffee to wash the few hours’ sleep I’ve had out of my system and get ready for, unbeknownst to me at this time one of the longest days of my life, I won’t sleep again until I have climbed to the highest peak known to man in this particular district and travelled 6 hours on the sweet, dark, gloomy and sad road of the world, all of this and only then I will be able to sleep and all this travelling along this country and then up to the sky of it with a best friend of the highest degree, a man who if you knew him a simple name would do to describe who he is and indeed what sort of man he is, this would only satisfy you as an answer to this man if you knew him but you may not, Darren is a crazy man who means no harm to anyone, with the looks of a model the girls stare and want to mother him and take care of him and make the sweetest love and sweetest plans for the future with him however if they knew him like we do the superficial world around them would crumble as, in the right company, he has no filter and a crazier man I have not met. He is simply an honest, down to earth mad man who talks to himself more than he does to others but the sweetest and most beautifully souled man you could ever meet and due to the talking to himself and the honesty of him you can see this perfect soul every time you are with him and know him better than you know yourself because, how well do you really know yourself?

I sit and I wait for this man to knock on my door and say ‘ are you ready m’boy’ only for the simple answer ‘yes’ to ring out across the quiet and sleepy three in the morn cul-de-sac and for us to begin laughing and not stop laughing until that same front door shuts between us and the trip is over and nothing more can be said or done about this trip apart from the memories we keep and talk about as we surely plan the next one which will take place soon after as way wait? Why ever wait?


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