You think you can win? Beat me, destroy me? Do you have any idea who I am? I made you, created you, created everything you fear and everything that makes you strong. You will win some battles but you will never win the war because I won’t let you, I know everything about you and yet you only know a part of me, I will not let you take me over, brainwash me, you were created by a previous version of myself and it’s time to bury the past, I have changed and its time your grip on me loosens, you can’t control me any longer. I’m stronger than ever.

This demon inside me that I feel every now and then taking hold of everything good and hiding it and trying to ruin my life was created by me regardless of what this dammed soul represents in my life I created it, moulded it and have feared it for too long. But no more fear, it’s been in the background for too long now and I’m ready to destroy it, to destroy this piece of me that wants to destroy the good in me and destroy every bit of happiness in me, it’s time to say goodbye and farewell I am done being scared of being me in fear of this monster coming out, I am the only person who can destroy this monster, this fear, this problem from my past. If I created it then I can destroy it and its time for change I’m not afraid of this anymore for a while I thought I was the person I was because of this fear but now I know the truth. The truth is I made this problem it didn’t make me and so it’s time for the final battle and to put this soul to rest and carry on without it as I don’t need it anymore, i don’t need a reason for the down days anymore we all get down and place the blame on these fears or these problems from our past but placing the blame doesn’t help because we still feel down so if placing the blame doesn’t work then lets dissolve these problems, fears and monsters from our past and move on. The past doesn’t scare me; my future ran by my past however, scares the shit out of me… 


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