We are all animals. Black, white, brown, catholic, Muslim, the idiots of the EDL all of these are animals. Have we forgotten that? The things we all have in common regardless of race or religion or wether your in a country ‘illegally’ or not is that we are all animals, we all have animal urges and instincts but we have forgotten this and judge others on their skin or their beliefs. Religion has killed more of us than anything because of the weaker animals not believing in what the stronger animals believed in, they died a death that can only be described as pointless and if all those years ago when animals where awaiting death on their death beds, afraid, someone hadn’t had the idea of creating the illusion that something was waiting for them on the other side of life then death wouldn’t have purged all those souls of their life and maybe our world would be better off. We are all the same because we are all animals at heart and mind, all have urges, all are here to bred and then die that is our only role on this wonderful planet that keeps us alive. We are all animals


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