A letter to a friend

I’m so sorry to have possibly woken you up but I’m afraid I have the best news possible and couldn’t wait a second longer to tell, I write in this manner because of morning coffee and child like excitements, Kinderscout is the highest peak of all the peaks in the district and on a clear day you can see snowdonia from the top this I know is something you will want to see for yourself. So we are in agreement? Head for old Kinderscout to see what we can see from the very top of the peak district and from then on the peak will have touched the very tops of our souls. There are lakes and rivers running down and around this peak as well so they will forfill my need for a lake. ( i want to camp by a lake so badly on this trip to wake and have a dip) There is a crashed plane on the hills of Kinderscout someplace and I don’t need to tell you the importance of us finding that as you will know the importance of such a find! This trip will be great whether the weather will weather our souls or whether the weather will be kind to us and treat us with as much respect as we treat it with we shall venture forth on Saturday as early as the morning birds and not stop until we reached the bottom of our desired Kinderscout.


Thanks for the comment

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