This man

The solider, a tired solider, walks up to his front door after a battle so big it should surely be called world war 3 by the future generations. Bloody, dusky, hungry and trie eyed the shoulder limbs the last 50 steps both legs shaking, not from the thought of home bit of the thought of the battle that he left behind.
Entering the house, no one home, he goes to the bathroom to wash the blood sweat and dusk off of his face and arms. Come down stairs and cracks a beer and sits and stare. Stares at the wall like it has a projected image of the past battle being shown for the first time and he’s an avid film going.
He lefts up his trouser leg to inspect his wounds, he’s see them and knows he will be ready for battle when it’s time.
This man is not a solider, this man fights not to kill but to simply be free, be free from the world he lives in, be free from school, be free from parents, to be free.
This man lives to fight another this lives to pick himself up and dust him self off and try again.
The taste of success is what this man wants, there’s a saying by Einstein which states ‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’ this saying describes this man perfectly however Einstein didn’t bet on people like this man, this man is strong, this man brings friends to battle, this man punches below the belt, this man doesn’t sit down and take it, this man, this man is a warrior, this man is a skateboarder.

A skateboarder is free, a skateboard is freedom


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