What do you want out of life? What are you doing to make sure you get what you want?

It doesn’t matter what you want as everyone wants different things out of life. What matters is how you are going to get. If your going to wait until someone hands it to you then you will wait forever if however you are willing to break down barriers and break down doors to offices or wake up at 3 in morning and run the 10 miles to the gym and then be the first in line when it opens then you will be the first in line to fore-fill your dream.

You can’t always win and it would be stupid to think you can but the failures you experience are the only way to learn what your doing wrong if you see these failures as a way to quit on your dreams then you will have failed forever. If you take them and learn from them then throw them away and build upon them then that is success.

If you break your dream down into stages then you will be successful if you look at it as a whole then the dream is to much.

To be a successful athlete you need to train and work hard and get faster and faster as you work out what your doing wrong. If you expect that the first time you put on some running shoes you will have the world record then you fail your dream straight away even if you believe whole heartedly that you can break the world record. One day after years and years of working on your craft you WILL break the records you want. But not the first day.


One thought on “Success

  1. I like your thoughts. I am a full time dreamer and always believe in thinking positively about life. The issue I feel many people have with fulfilling their dreams is that to do so they need to take a risk and step out the comfort zone. That first step for many is too much because it means the status quo isn’t enough any more. I suppose that’s why I feel it can take people years to reach out and grab their dreams. Unless I’m analysing too much..


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