What is unrealistic?
Is walking into a room and flicking a switch and the room lights up unrealistic?
Is bending a piece a metal and flying a bunch of people across an ocean unrealistic?
Is being able to see something that is happening live in another country in the comfort of your own home unrealistic?
Is having the world, your world, at your finger tips every single moment of every single day unrealistic?
Everyone of these things used to unrealistic.

Now ask yourself what is your dream, what do you want to do what dreams have you had that people have told you are unrealistic?

I had an idea when I was a kid that someone should design a see through toaster so you could know when your toast was done I was told that this was dumb and unrealistic. A few weeks ago I found out that this now exists. Was it that unrealistic?

Maybe we shouldn’t always listen to people, even the people we look up to or admire.

Believe in your dreams and follow your heart if you want to do something then do it.

Don’t ever let anyone say you CAN’T do something.

My grandad used to say there is no such word as CAN’T, he died when I was young and it’s only know that I understand what he meant.

To succeed the word CAN’T needs to be replace with the word CAN. If someone tells you you CAN’T do something or it unrealistic prove them wrong!

Just like the people who did the things I mentioned above did.


One thought on “Unrealistic?

  1. At the times I find myself saying that “I can’t do something” I try to flip it and say “I don’t know how to do something” instead.


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