Big rant, big companies, big problem

Big companies bullying you? Same here! These are the companies that want our money and they treat us like idiots and fools an expect us to pay the fees they demand and when we ask why they say ‘ah you wouldn’t understand’ well try me idiot! Tell me why I have to now pay £41 a month for something last month I was paying £36 for. ‘ it’s only a fiver mate’ ‘ah yea that makes it ok, you have also added another 6 months to a contract I signed with a part of company 6 months ago so it’s not just a fiver mate it’s 6 fivers and a principle’. Your in breach of a contract that you drew up your company has made in quite clear that non payment will not be accepted and of course that’s cool, we all need to eat, so let me eat. Stop breaching contracts that you have put in place to save your butts and try being honest. If you somehow think that I was taking advantage of your hospitality for the last 6 months then the only fools and idiots around here are you! To treat your customers the way you do and aspect them to carry on paying you then the fools and idiots are at the top of your company and if you want to carrying on eating I suggest you grab a paper or download an app with the latest career opportunities and start applying before it’s too late


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