The topman club

This is for the topman generation, for the people that follow, for the sheep among us, for the people that are unable to think for themselves! Spending £30 on a T-shirt to look like the model in the advert for the chain store you so admire will never work, you can not look like the model on the box everyday as you can not photoshop real life and if you could would you? I’m not sure I would.

You see, beauty is all around you it’s in nature, it’s in someone’s individual style, it’s the way oil on the ground looks in the sun, it’s in the eyes of that person you couldn’t live without all these things have one thing in common, none of things have ever or will ever need to be photoshopped to look beautiful. A sun set, a full moon, a thunder storm, a daffodil opening and sending the message that spring is here and everything is ok, no photoshop required.

Photoshop is a curse, a disease, it’s a disease on a generation that I wish I wasn’t a part of, a generation that will slate you for wearing ‘out of date’ jeans and a hair cut that doesn’t suit the needs of fashion at the time.

If you want to break the mould then don’t buy the gel that is advertising that it ‘breaks the mould’, simply be YOU stand up for what you believe in, dress the way you want to dress not just to impress, speak the way you want not how they do in front, if you an opinion speak your mind but don’t get put off if people don’t listen to you as just remember you were one of the people that disagreed with the individuals yesterday.


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