The motorway life

The motorway life

The motorway life in the back of a van is an easy one. Wave at the lorry drivers and duck for police that’s the only ‘rules’, the rest is up to you.

The motor way life in this way is more fun than your everyday business mans or van driver’s motorway life they drive to do what they do and then drive home to their families and pretend that everything is fine with the world.

With this life however, everything is truly alright with the world as you can only see behind you, you can never see the end so instead you just go and go and go and look back over all the road you have just travelled and beg for more and only the road can give you more and if there is no more to give then we must become explorers and find some.

Get your pack on your back and never slack until you find us some road jack!

Ducking out of sight when all you want to do is see is a hard thing to master, all I have seen so far from my box is the blue sky turn to clouds and the tops of trees and the familiar smoke of the pet crematorium meaning I know where we are and this mean we are barely underway as where we are going is nowhere near where I know, so we must get lost for us to be in the right place.

A single street light is still on as we stop at traffic lights it’s not dark nor foggy at all so maybe this single street light just wants to stand out and be different who can blame it for that? After all that’s what we all want isn’t it?


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