Faces of the rat races

Faces of the rat races

The staff who work the stations keep a clear head under pressure from the rat race crowds in their face due to delays. ‘I’m sorry sir there has been a fatality’ they say the rat race faces responds with a ‘that’s not good enough’. In a world going round so fast nobody stops to pick up the person they just wiped there feet on like the coffee shop welcome mat.

Thank you takes a few seconds to say and a meaningful one can take a few seconds to sink in but once it’s permeated the hard skin of the ‘minimum wage staff’ it’s enough to see them through the next wave of the rat race rushing to the nearest Starbucks to get their fix and then rushing once again to meetings with the rest of the rats. They look forward to a day of fake laughs and meaningless white lies to the boss in hope they get the promotion over Ross. Tomorrow they might learn their lesson but for today they are the faces of the rat races.


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